Advanced Security

The internet is wonderful, but hackers and scammers are an increasing problem – especially where money is involved. That is why BitBay is paying particular attention to security. We believe we have managed to create the most secure platform for transactions on the internet that the world has ever seen.

Unhackable wallet

Every account uses two keys! Your account is unhackable especially if two locations are used (2FA). Hide your keys inside of images making them impossible to find. Sign transactions from two locations at once. All of this is automated in the software. Give each key a different password! Security on a whole new level.

Encrypted communication

All communication is encrypted regardless if you use bitmessage or mail. No hacker will be able to read your communication, and use that to scam you.

Smart contracts

Your trades and other transactions are protected by smart contracts, making fraud meaningless as it hurts the fraudsters just as much as you.


There is no server someone can hack to exploit you


You are anonymous, so no one can get your personal information. Only your business partners receive the information that is necessary to fulfill the transaction, and they get it encrypted of course.